Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beasiswa Riset Matherials and Structures | beasiswa-indoB

Prof. Wim Van Paepegem, dari Mechanics of Materials and Structures groups, UGhent, sedang mencari kandidat PhD untuk riset di bidang Matherials and Structures. Kandidat PhD yang terpilih akan melakukan simulasi Fatigue Crack Growth.
  • Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Materials Science, or similar;
  • have a strong background in numerical modelling, fracture mechanics and finite elements (if possible XFEM methods);
  • familiar with mechanics of materials, experimental testing methods and computational techniques. Knowledge of composite materials, finite element software (e.g. ABAQUS, SAMCEF, ANSYS,…), programming languages (Fortran, C++) or Unix/Linux environment is an advantage;
  • English writing and speaking is absolutely required.
In order to apply, interested candidates should write a detailed Curriculum Vitae in Dutch or English, containing:
  • personal details (name, address, date of birth, nationality,…);
  • education, subject of master thesis and degrees;
  • work experience (previous jobs);
  • additional skills (finite element software, programming languages, communication skills, …);
  • mastered languages (Dutch, English, French);
  • references (previous projects in the domain, published papers,…).
Please sent your application either by post or email to:

Ghent University
Mechanics of Materials and Structures
Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 903
9052 Zwijnaarde
Tel: +32-(0)9-331.04.32
Fax: +32-(0)9-331.04.65

Please kindly mention when you applying for this position.

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